healing arts & sacred music festival
In Skåne, South Sweden August 7 – 14
7 days of celebration around


A Sanctuary in the serene nature of southern Sweden only 90 minutes from
Copenhagen Airport offers an Oasis for body mind and soul. The HAMSA
Healing Arts & Sacred Music Festival is celebrating the official opening of
the SANCTUARY. Come & celebrate with us!
Forest road 88 leads into a valley of meadows adorned with wild flowers
and embraced by deep forests only 20 km from the eastern shores of Skåne.
Ancient Stone Circles and magical Dolmen throne above the lovely beaches
welcoming the purifying ocean waves of the Baltic sea.

The Program is unfolding as a co-creative day by day process.
All musicians and practitioners of Healing Arts & Sacred Music are
welcome. Please also email your suggestions & ideas.
The event is absolutely drug free and no alcohol nor dogs are
tolerated. The Festival is covering expenses by suggested
donations of 450 SEK per individual day and 350 SEK per day if one
participates for the whole week. This covers expenses for facilities,
parking and campground. Other contributions also welcome.
Please bring your own tents, teepees, yurts & other magical
dwellings. There will be chai & vegetarian organic food available
Close by cozy cafes, castle, lakes and ocean.

+46 41492290 +46 76 27332

Olha o Kapã aí…

The Kaxinawa people or Huni Kuin (true people) as they calls themselves, possess a vast material culture that goes since the weaving in cotton, with natural colours, until ceramics made in clay with gotten leached ashes of animals, special trees, where is stamped the Kene (drawings of the snake), a kind of brand that identifies their material culture. The meaning of these sacred patterns is related to spiritual forces from the forest and their qualities as courage, force, power and wisdom…

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