“AFRO PORTRAIT”. Obscurely beautiful.

Oslo-based singer “ABUWA” is proud to announce the release of his new CD, “Afro Portrait”, produced by Jock Loveband and Abuwa for Ebony Records/Urban Sound. For world music lovers, this is a CD worth listening to. It is afrobeat from Nigeria, evoking memories of Fela Kuti in the 70s but still very much Abuwa in its personality and style. Folklore and the contemporary are well mixed to make this a powerful and moving record.

Abuwa and his band “Shekere” are eager to begin their nationwide tour of Norway. Accompanying him are talented and wonderful musicians from the four corners of the African sub-continent and Norway. Abuwa will also be performing alongside some international world music stars like Aida Nadeem from Iraq nominated for BBC world music awards 2006, and many others at this years “Minorlinks 2008”, at BLÅ in Oslo, 16.August.

Abuwa has been collaborating with two world music veterans recently, namely bassists Moussa Diallo from Mali and Carlos D’L Puerto from Cuba.

This is a singer you will be hearing about in 2008.


Urban Sounds.   tlf. 47 - 900 83 618    www.urbansoundstudios.com  

Ebony Records.   tlf. 47 - 22 67 95.24    www.abuwa.com   /   abuwa@abuwa.com

or   Wuante tlf. 47 - 45 47 89 11   www.wuante.com

Abuwa at Urban Sound